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It's time that we protect this country's pets at a better level than a piece of property. The laws are lacking and they need to change.

Getting our paws on legislation to protect our pets.

What we do

Archer's Advocates is here to help

Raising Awareness

We work to raise awareness over the treatment of animals and lack of proper legal prosecution of abusers.

Legal Initiatives

We work to set up and implement legal initiatives to protect your pets


We provide community support for those who have lost pets at the hands of others.

Pets deserve to be treated better than property. Why do we place a higher value
emphasis on intangibles like houses and cars but leave our furry friends unprotected?

Who we help

Your beloved pets



All loved ones

How can you help?

We have a bunch of ways.

Get knowledgeble

Stay up-to-date on the current working's of Archer's Advocates


Provide support through donations or volunteer to Archer's Advocates.
Support now


Run virtual miles in honor of Archer. Pledge or donate your miles to support Archer's Advocates. Info coming soon!

Contact Your Officials

Contact your State Legislatures about improving legislation to protect pets better than property.

Join our community

Join our community for support and discussion on Archer's Advocates mission
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Love your pets

Nothing else needs to be said on that.